Best Budgeting Applications

Technology has brought innovations and ideas which have helped make life simple. Budgeting applications have helped simplify the budgeting process, especially for those who want to spend less and save more. Most of these apps connect with your financial accounts, such as bank accounts, and track your expenditure or spending, categorizing each expense to help the user see where their money is going. This article will focus on some of the best budgeting tools you can use in your day-to-day life.


Mint is an ideal budgeting app for people who want to track and monitor their credit spending. When they overspend on a specific category, such as entertainment, the app notifies the user, informs you about transactions made via ATM cards, and informs you about upcoming bill payments.


This is a new budgeting app in the market, and it allows partners to see each other’s financial picture. The information partners can access on the app includes credit cards, loans, investments and bank accounts. However, one can choose the information that their spouse can access.

Other popular applications available on both Android and IoS devices include You Need a Budget(YNAB), and Wally, Mvelopes, among others.

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